Live to Tell 153

Vulpa: Ungh! Kyaaaah! Aiiiigh!!!!
Urara: Wie unverschänt. Du lässt mich sehr leiden mit deinen attacken. Dafür lasse ich dich mehr leiden! [Translation: How insolent! You made ME suffer with your attack... And now I'll make YOU suffer even more!]
Vulpa: Aggh! Aigh!! Waaaah!! Ough!!
Urara: Ha ha ha ha!! Ja! Leide! weine und bettle um vergebung! [Translation: Ha ha ha ha!! YES!! suffer!! cry and ask for forgiveness!!]
Ru: VULPA!!!!
Vulpa: Ough! *Snivel* Aigh! *Sob*
Ru: Grrrr! I...I won't let y-you ....
Urara: Was is das? Thinking: ich spür eine unglauliche energie! [Translation: What is this!? Thinking: I can feel a huge energy surge!!]
Ru: I won't let you hurt my big sister anymore.... LEAVE HER ALOOONE!!!!

In that moment, Ru achieved power greater than the first time she fought against Omega.

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