Live to Tell 142

Ru: Gasp! Thinking: Her energy feels so powerful! Please be careful Vulpa!
Vulpa: Oh! Thinking: She has a huge demonic aura! It feels like Iím being watched by hundreds of eyes! Itís terrifying! But that third eyeÖNow I understand! She must be from the Belzewolves tribe! I thought they were extinct! She must be one of last few alive! Shit, this is way more dangerous than I thought!
Urara: NOW you should be afraid! What you saw before is nothing compared to this! Prepare yourself peasant!
Vulpa: Heh! Again with the disappearing trick huh? It wonít work with me! Thinking: I just need to focus myself again and.... What?! I-I canít f-find her!
Urara: You donít need to find me because IíM RIGHT HERE!
Vulpa: Ungh!!!!

Authorís note: The Belzewolves are a race in Ruīs world which is a mix between anthro wolfs and demons. They show their real strength when they open the third eye which is common for their race. They used to live as nomadic tribes and they often fought with evil demons. In this world demons arenít all evil like Omega. They can be good or evil depending on their personality.

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