Live to Tell 141

Vulpa: Thinking: What kind of monster is she?! Maybe if I keep provoking her sheíll waste all of her energy overdoing her attacksÖItís worked so far. What happened? Running around and jumping is the best you can do? If thatís all youíve got I know Iíll win this fight you little brat.
Urara: What?! GRRRRR! I never thought Iíd have to fight seriously with plebeians like you! But itís ok. Iíll fight with my real powers anyway! Then youíll see how terrible I can be. Itís been a while since the last time I actually had to fight seriously, so I guess this fight will be a little more fun for me after all! He he!
Vulpa: Thinking: FIGHT SERIOUSLY?! I donít like how that sounds!
Vulpa: Thinking: What the hell?! Such power! I have a bad feeling about this! What is that? It looks like a.... third eye?!

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