Live to Tell 133

Ru: Aaaaaigh!!!!
Vulpa: Ru!!!! Oh no! Ru can you hear me?
Ru: *Cough* *cough* H-how mean, s-she destroyed t-the last d-dress that mom b-bought me *sob* *sob*
Vulpa: Oh my god! Luckily she hasnt seriously injured you... oh dear! Youre all beat up! Im an asshole! I should have stopped this fight and taken your place earlier! Please forgive me sister.
Ru: N-no. Dont worry s-sister, i-it was v-very painful, but I t-think Ill b-be okay, *hic* *hic* Im j-just very s-sad because I w-wasnt
able to h-help Wolufu *Sob*
Urara: He he! Now Im sure that she could never be the prophecy child, shes so pathetic and weak.
Vulpa: Grrrr! Thats ok sister, you dont need to blame yourself, shes just too powerful, please relax and let me help you ok?
Ru: *Snivel* *sob* O-ok. But b-be careful V-vulpa, shes v-very strong, p-please help W-wolufu for m-me....

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