Live to Tell 132

Urara: Donít tell me thatís your most powerful attack! You canít be the prophecy child. Youíre just a wimp who pretended to be the great heroine, now look at you. Youíre a bloody heap on the ground. You should just give up now and let your big sister fight for you. Or you could kneel to me like the dog you are and maybe Iíll consider setting your friend free from that spell! HeheheÖ
Vulpa: Oh Ru! Youíre far too injured to continue! I canít stand it anymore, please let me fight her!
Ru: Ungh *hic* *snivel* N-no! I wonít g-give up to such mean person like you....
Urara: Then you want to continue fighting? Youíve got spirit! Iíll give you that! But being brave and stupid arenít enough for you to win this fight. Now then, let me show you how a REAL magical attack is done!
Vulpa: Hey, no! What are you doing!? That was more than enough! She can hardly stand up as it is! Iíll fight for her! Donít do that!!!!
Urara: But our fight isnít over. Your sister hasnít given up yet! Now itís my turn! Hahahaha! Take THIS!!!!
Vulpa: NOOOO!!!!
Ru: OH!

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