Live to Tell 54

Vulpa: Yeah, well, nevermind that! You're welcome, the more us there are, the easier things will be.
Wolufu: Great!
Ru: Oh, Wolufu?
Wolufu: Hmm?
Ru: How did you lose your family?
Wolufu: As I said earlier, my pack and all my family were killed by Omega. We were resting in the forest when we got ambushed by him. I'll never forget his disgusting form as long as I live. My pack fought bravely, but it was to no avail. My mother pushed me from the cliff into the river. I wanted to fight against Omega, too, but she told me that it was very important that I survive and carry on the hopes and dreams of the pack. She managed to distract Omega so I could escape, but I know she still fell at his hands, and it saddens me. I miss her very much.
Ru: *Sniff sniff* I know how you feel, my sister and I are also sad because we lost our family and friends, but I'm lucky to still have such a cool sister like her to take care of me.
Vulpa: Ru!
Ru: Enough talking about gloomy subjects, let's change the subject.
Wolufu: I agree, heh.
Ru: Oh, Vulpa! You told me that you would explain what rape is, remember?
Vulpa: Uh?!? Thinking: Damn, she remembered about that! I guess I don't have any choice...
Wolufu: ....
Vulpa: Well, um, do you remember when I explained how babies are born? Well...

And Vulpa explained to Ru about the difference between positive and negative ways of sexual intercourse, and Ru became a little more mature that day...

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