Live to Tell 32

Omega: Look! You endured my magic attack after all, you definitely must have more power than you father to achieve that! But now you are almost in the other world now! He he he he....
Vulpa: Ow, ow, ow, ow....! R-Ru, are y-you ok? Ah, ow....!
Ru: Vulpa! you're still alive...! But you are very injured!
Omega: Hmmmm, I must congratulate you Vulpa! An ordinary warrior would have been destroyed by such attack, but you endured it and you are still alive... But not for much longer, he he he he! After all you only delayed your sister's doom, you will die and I will win at last! He he he he....
Vulpa: Heh heh heh heh.... D-don't you think t-that it's too early to be thinking about victory yet, mother fucker? I will defeat you now!
Omega: What? You must have become crazy from your injuries, in your condition you can't do much now! You must be joking!
Vulpa: Omega, you are much too confident... You made the mistake of not taking me seriously, and now you've fallen into my trap...!

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