Live to Tell 24

Omega: He he he he! I must congratulate you little creatures. You and your parents managed to actually hurt me. You are one of the very few warriors to force me to transform to my second shape. I will advise you that the previous Omega that you faced isn't my real shape. I only used 40% of my real power in that form. But now, I'm using 70% of my powers, so you had better be prepared, because I'm far more dangerous than before.
Vulpa: W-what? Your second shape? What the hell happened? I-it must be a nightmare, I thought that you were destroyed! It can't be!
Omega: Heh, no, I'm not defeated yet. Hmmmmmm...well now I can see that you two have great powers as well! I'm impressed by the powers of your little sister mainly!!!! Just as I thought in my plots...
Vulpa: What do you mean? What is it that you are wanting from my sister?!

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