Live to Tell 200

Vulpa: Ru, I think we need to relax first, it's true that you cured her body, but she escaped from a very traumatic experience. We hunted a Cervan, and we've got good meat from it. We've also made some extra coats for this cold weather, I dont know how long you've been flying, trying to escape, but I bet you must be hungry and suffering from this cold weather. Although this clothing might not be much due to your size, maybe you could use the coat as a scarf.
Ru: Oh, that's true Vulpa. She must have been flying for a long time, and with all those injuries she must have used alot of energy.
Lady Vanora: Thank you very much, you are all so nice. This will be enough for me, I just need to do something first...
Vulpa: Yes, what?
Lady Vanora: This.
Vulpa: What the fuck!? W-wow! I didnt know Wyverns could do that Thinking: She didnt shrink everything on her body. Damn, her bust is still bigger than mine!
Ru: Wow! You didnt just shrink but you changed your shape as well! Awesome magic!
Lady Vanora: Tee hee, it is something that my kind developed generations ago to save food and create more space, and although we are less powerful in this form, now your coat will fit me perfectly. Again, thank you for this wondeful gift.

They then returned to their shelter with their new friend for a more relaxed and comfortable talk. The Dragoness gave them thanks for the food and told them more of her story.

Lady Vanora: I was part of the royal family from the kingdom of Valakia. It was a beautiful place inhabited mostly by Wyverns like me, and although it was on the north part of this planet, it had wonderfully mild weather, which was possible thanks to the magic power of our Queen who blessed our land. It was like a paradise, until one day...

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