Live to Tell 173

Vulpa: Who could it be?
Chess: Hi! I'm heading to the next town, I saw you walking through this zone and I guess you're going there as well. You seem to be strong but the trip there by foot can be really dangerous and tiring, so how about you come with me? I'll give you a ride there.
Vulpa: Sure thing! Thank you!
Ru: Wow! Really!? Thank you very much Miss!

As they are travelling to the next town.

Vulpa: Oh yeah, we didn't introduce ourselves, sorry. I'm Vulpa, the kids are Ru and Wolufu, nice to meet you.
Chess: I'm Chess, pleased to meet you too!

While our heroes continue their journey, meanwhile in another part of the world, there was a place where things like goodness, peace, and mercy don't exist. A zone where fire covered the land, with volcanoes filling the air with ashes and death. A Hell on Earth...

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