Live to Tell 139

Vulpa: Thinking: Great! That had to knock her out! Now I guess we'll able to wake Wolufu--What?! No t-this can't be possible! That was one of my best punches and she got up like it was nothing! Who the fuck is she!?!
Urara: I can't understand how you managed to hit me! But this will be the last time! You dared to make my nose bleed! You're shed my aristocratic blood! Now I'll never forgive you! I'll CRUSH YOU!!!!
Ru: Watch out Vulpa! She's behind you!
Vulpa: What? Oh shit! Thinking: Fuck! She's still able to move so fast after that punch!
Urara: Grrrr, you won't escape from this!
Vulpa: Fngh! I won't let you do it again! Take this! WIND BLOW!!!!

I'm sorry again guys. I forgot to draw Ru's injuries. I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

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