Live to Tell 137

Ru: Oh no! Vulpa! Please be careful!
Urara: What do you think about that? If you kneel to me now and beg, I might forgive you.
Vulpa: Hmph! I donít need forgiveness from a spoiled little brat like you! This fightís just begun. I can see that youíre fast but youíre not that strong. Why donít you try attacking me again? I will catch you this time, heh. Thinking: I hope she falls for this, ouch! Damn it that hurts! I hope this works...maybe sheíll lose her focus if I get her pissed enough.
Ru: Cool! My sister is so strong! Donít give up Vulpa!
Urara: Grrrr, fine! Then Iíll attack you harder this time! He he he he.
What happened big sister? Are you confused? Maybe you canít keep up? This time youíre done for! Ha ha ha ha!
Vulpa: Thinking: What the fuck!? Sheís moving faster than before! This spoiled little brat is tougher than I thought! I canít follow her! What am I going to do?

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