Live to Tell 127

Urara: Huh?
Ru: Hic hic hic hic *sob* *sob* Aigh! *sob* My belly hurts! It hurts so much! *sob*
Urara: Heh, well look at the crybaby, I guess I made a mistake when I felt that great power from you. Youíre a wimp! Look if you give up now and accept to be my slave I will release your friend. What do you think about that?
Vulpa: This has gone too far! Ru Iíll fight with her!
Ru: N-no! Vulpa, hic, please let me fight with her! *sob* I didnít give up yet! I must do it, for Wolufu!
Vulpa: B-but Ru....
Urara: Oh! You have pride! I like your attitude. In that case will you get up, or will you be staying on the ground? Ha-ha!

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