Winds of Change 29


Pink Lizard: You liked this warm up?
Green Lizard: Ufff... yes, you are wonderful, but you almost made make me finish before I started, heh!
Pink: What do would you like for us to do now?
Green: Well... ahem... your breasts are awesome like you and... well... I feel embarrassed for asking this of you... Perhaps this sounds stupid, but I would really like to fuck your breasts... he he he he... Thinking: I'm so embarrassed! How can I ask such strange things of her? She's going to laugh at me for sure! >_<
Green: What are you doing? Why are you drooling between your breasts?
Pink: I'm just lubricating them for less friction because you are a virgin and you must still be very sensitive. Without good lubrication you will cum very fast, don't you think?
Green: W-what do you mean...?
Pink: C'mon, didn't you say that you'd really like to fuck my breasts? Well, what are you waiting for... Slide it between my breasts, my silly little darling!

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