Winds of Change 23

Having "calmed him down", the green lizard gave Earl another chance to end this matter in a peaceful way. Having Earl's (blue dragon's name) attention, the green lizard started to chat with him in a mature way about how he must understand that he didn't have the right to force the pink lizard to stay with him if he cheated on her and she didn't want to stay with him anymore. Because when somebody loves another, he must give it freely to that person or kemono, and if he really loves her he shouldn't see that person or kemono like an object or like their private property. He explained that to not accept this and put pressure on the pink lizard and keep an eye on her wasn't the right way, and violence and unfair jealousy wasn't the correct attitude. The green lizard said to Earl that he must understand these matters so they could reach a pleasant solution and so they could be friends. Earl became really impressed with how a guy like that could be so strong and so kind at the same time with him after all that he had done to him before.

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