Grown-up Wendy O. Koopa 6

Ludwig: Wow! So they're all gay? Now I understand why I haven't seen them with any Koopa girls yet!
Wendy: *Sigh* Yeah, what a waste! Don't you think? Oh WOW! W-what is this?!
Ludwig: Uh?
Wendy: Mh, well I can see that you developed better than I expected these last few years!
Ludwig: W-well I can't avoid getting aroused having you so close to me, feeling your wonderful body pressing against me is a really good feeling!
Wendy: Mmmmmh, then you think that my body is wonderful? And what more, dear brother?
Ludwig: I always thought that you were a beautiful Koopa Wendy! And very... oh...! S-sweet... mmmmh...
Wendy: *sllp* *lick*

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