Grown-up Wendy O. Koopa 5

Wendy: Mh, *sllllp...*
Ludwig: Mmmmmh...
Wendy: And now what do you think now?
Ludwig: I still think this is very strange! But I'm starting to like it!
Wendy: Great! I'm very glad to hear you say that! Don't disappoint me dear brother! I was always very sure that you were one of us that was born more like our father, heh!
Ludwig: Uh?! Don't tell me that you tried to do, or did this already with our other brothers?!!!!
Wendy: *Sigh* Yes, but unfortunately our brothers Larry, Lemmy and Iggy are all gay! And the others... Well I don't know what to think about them, but they always were very strange, our father always was an old timer and he never let me have fun with you Koopa boys! Finally I got desperate! Our father when on a trip for some reason and I was waiting for this chance to try this with you... my last hope! And now I think that you will be my favorite brother from now on ! He he he he!

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