Grown-up Wendy O. Koopa 4

Ludwig: Thinking: T-this isn't right, but it feel so good!
Wendy: *Lick. Sllp.*
Ludwig: Mmmmh!!!! Eeg! Why are you putting your tongue in my mouth?! That's disgusting! Also you're my sister and this isn't right! Don't you think so, too, Wendy?
Wendy: What? I just was giving a French kiss to you, you've never done that before? Don't tell me that you haven't been with a girl yet?
Ludwig: Well, y-yes I'm a virgin b-but I don't know what to think! I feel very strange! I guess that's a bad thing but it feels good too!
Wendy: Well dear brother, aren't we the Koopa family? We are the great villains of the Mushroom Kingdom. Then we like to do bad and dirty things! I'm a bad girl and I like to have dirty fun, he he. Just relax and let me give you a really interesting new feeling...

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