Starfox: Lost Paradise 1

A short while after things calmed down from the events in Assault, we find our hero, Fox McCloud, going over his cash balance after the repair bills to Corneria and to repair the original Great Fox.

Fox: This is great! Even after all General Pepper took out of the reward money, we have enough to spend on some recreational fun!
Falco: Yeah! That last job's reward sure was high, a shame we can't save the entire galaxy every day! I wonder what we can do with our free time now?
Fox: Hmm, thatīs a good question indeed...

Tobias (Web Host): Alright Starfox fans, I don't know what Mario is planning for this one, but I get the feeling it's not gonna stay clean long, or at least will be very zany. I'll make sure to throw up a warning when it's getting 'mature' if that happens. In the mean time, enjoy the humor. :)

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