Starfox: Conflict and Compromise 13

Fox: You knew she had come there to speak with me in private, and yet you still came there just so you could get between us!
Falco: So, what? Are you saying that now I'm not good enough to come and talk to you while she's around? Why is it that lately, the only person you choose for your missions, and almost the only one that you spend any time with at all, is Krystal? Not that I'm angry at you at all, Krystal, it's just that Fox here seems to have forgotten about the fact that this is supposed to be a team, not just two people.
Krystal: Well, in my opinion, you could have just brought it up when we came back, rather than going about it like this, but if this is what you think was needed to get things to work out, and that you need to settle this personally, I don't think I have the right to interfere with the way you do things. What exactly do you two normally do to solve these kinds of problems?
Fox: What do we do? We normally compete at something. Shooting, piloting, racing, hand to hand.... I almost always win, but he just keeps on trying...
Falco: Oh, so you're better than me, huh? Is that why you've stopped using me as your wingman, leaving me behind on missions? Because I'm not good enough? I can't even come and talk to you without you coming to snap my head off later? Is that it? What did I do that's so bad it's got your tail in a twist?
Fox: You know perfectly well what you did! What makes you think you have the authority to order me around? Last I checked I'm still the leader of this group, and if you don't like it, then you can just try to do something about it!

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