Shape Shift 17

Finally letting him in. As her warmth engulfed him, Lugia gasped, overwhelmed by the pleasure as her vaginal flesh pressed hard against his member. wild bolts of sensations running through him.

Suicune went rigid for an instant, feeling the pressure inside her as she rode Lugia, taking his throbbing flesh deep into her.

Suicune: Ohhhh gods...! Lugia...!!
Lugia: Ahhhh goddess...! Suicune...!!

Suicune trembled, the powerful waves of pleasurable sensation raced towards her mind with a feeling she had never experienced before.

Their bodies adjusting to the wonderful pleasures, Suicune sank down on Lugia, then moving against him, up and down, her rhythm growing with each glorious thrust.

His cock sinking into the tight warmth of her glorious depths again and again. The moments passing, Lugia regained his composure. His breathing becoming regulated, he began to move against her, in time with her thrusts.

Looking up, watching Suicune on top of him, he brought his hands up to roam across her lower back, caressing her buttocks as she rode him with abandon.
After a few more minutes of hard fucking, Lugia finally began to feel that wonderful tingling sensation in his groin again. Despite the pain, he began thrusting into Suicune faster and faster.

Their rhythm progressing to both their enjoyments, their movements against one another picked up speed as Suicune began to thrust with more power and determination.

He growled in delight now that he fuck her even faster than before. Suicune´s walls still grabbed tightly at his member but he didn't care anymore.

Nearing the edge of their impending climax, the last vestige of their minds left capable of any thoughts other than blind reaction to the pleasure struggled to keep plunging into the abyss to soon, savoring the delicate and almost agonizing balance.

Just as Suicune reached her peak, she felt the male suddenly become tense, then Lugia withdrew almost completely out of her body and slammed his entire length into her, spilling his seed into her cunt.

Lugia: Suiccccuuuunnnneeee!!!!

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