Live to Tell 95

KFG Real Boss: That Hyena slut was only our puppet; we are the real bosses of this gang! He he he he, the polluted kemonos that you beat were only slightly polluted, but we are completely different from them... We are completely polluted kemonos who sold our souls to Omega for power! We were working with the pollution in this city to help him to pollute more kemonos as fast as possible and enslave or kill the rebels, but we can see that bitch and those two kids aren't ordinary Kemonos... Now we need to get serious with you, so be prepared, because you will die today! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!
KFG Hyena Boss: Thinking: Fuck! Now I understand why I always felt so scared around those two dudes!
Vulpa: Thinking: Oh! Now I understand everything! They were the real bastards behind this! I never thought that kemonos could get so polluted that they could sell their souls to such a motherfucker!
KFG Real Boss: Now we will make sure that you never fuck with our business again! Bwa ha ha ha ha...!!
Josh: Thinking: D-damn... This is how a fully polluted kemono looks?! T-this is very scary! Shit, I think I'm gonna die!
KFG Real Boss: You kid! Those punches you gave me were very good! As a reward I will kill you first! He he he he, all of you will die! You don't stand a chance Ha ha ha ha!!
KFG Real Boss 2: Yes, that fuckin' little girl gave me a really good kick that was very painful... I think I'll tear off your legs and arms and then rape you after I kill you! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!

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