Live to Tell 87

KFG Big Hooligan: Ugh!
KFG Hooligan: Ouch!
KFG Boss: Shit! It's really hard to find useful dudes to do the fucking work today! Hm, it seems that you've beaten all the members in this territory... Lookin' at you better now I can see that you look a bit strong, but you was just lucky bitch, now you're gonna regret challenging us! You can bet that you will feel a world of pain when I'm finished with you! So kiss my ass slut, let me see if you are as strong as you look! He he he he...
Vulpa: I guess that you want to fight with me... Ok, I'll take your challenge. Are you gonna start or will you just keep talking?
KFG Boss: I'll kick your ass, bitch!
Vulpa: Really? Try then if you can!
KFG Boss: Here I go!

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