Live to Tell 74

Ru: Bllllllh! We're not giving you nothing! You are very bad people and if you don't leave us alone you'll regret it!
Sally: Be careful they're some of the most dangerous punks in this city!
Big Dog Punk: He he he he! You're very funny little girl! I like your attitude! Because of that you will be the first to die! Ha ha ha ha!
Wolufu: Ru can I....?
Ru: Ok, Wolufu, but try to not take this too serious.
Big Punk Tiger: UH? Don't act like you're going to fight against us filthy wolfie. Do you want to die first?
Big Dog Punk: He he he he! I will enjoy crushing you, little pest.
Wolufu: Why don't you talk less and fight more, big and brainless?
Big Dog Punk: I think tonight I'm gonna eat me some wolf burgers! Ha ha ha ha!

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