Live to Tell 73

Josh: Oh, wow! Thinking: She's very strong!
KFG Hooligan: Fuck! This bitch is givin' us a real asskickin'! I'd better call the boss!
Wolufu: It seems she couldn't reach a peaceful solution after all...
Ru: *Sigh* Yes, some people can't be convinced with words....
Sally: Wow, Ru! Your big sister is awesome! She's taking care of that whole gang by herself!!!
Big Hooligan: Well, well... what's this? It looks like we found two little bitches and a filthy little wolf with some interesting things to steal, he he he he!
Ru: Uh?
Big Hooligan: You chose a bad day to take a break here! It'd be better for you if you give us all that shit that you have there... Or maybe we'll just beat your asses a little, he he he he...

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