Live to Tell 65

Sally: *Sniff* *sob, sob!*
Vulpa: It's ok, cry if you want... You will feel better after. I can understand your sorrow, we suffered very much like you are now....


Ru: Where are your daddy and your mommy Sally?
Sally: When Omega's pollution came to the city, dad and mom couldn't avoid getting polluted and they started to drink and use drugs. Only my brother and some of his friends take care of me and the other children. We managed to survive here, avoiding the gangs and the drugs and working some jobs for food here and in some farms near the city, or looking for food leftovers at some luxury restaurants in the rich part of the city, but clean water is the hardest thing to find here, and we must boil it before drinking it because it's so polluted. Everyone here is very sad but we try not to lose hope... Hey! I was thinking; it would be really cool if you met with my friends in our hideout! Would you like to come with me? I bet that you can teach some interesting magics and other things to me and my friends tee hee...
Ru: Of course Sally, we will be pleased to meet with your friends and help you too!
Wolufu: Ok! let's go there!

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