Live to Tell 52

Non-anthro Kemono: Are you alright? That was a close one for your little sister!
Vulpa: Hey! Thanks! We are doing well, thank you for saving my sister. What's your name, sweetie?
Non-anthro Kemono: Thinking: Sweetie?!!! Hu, oh yes, I'm Wolufu, Omega killed off the rest of my pack. I've been roaming around the forest in search of other orphans like me who are able to fight against Omega and destroy him. The last few days, I have been following you secretly to see if you were after him, too, and after seeing you fight, I can see that we are on the same side. Can I join you?
Ru: MY HERO!!!!
Wolufu: Wooooah!!!!

Author's Note: The world where Ru and Vulpa live has two kinds of kemonos. Anthros, like Ru and Vulpa, usually desire a comfortable sedentary life. They are also able to use magics. Non-anthros, like Wolufu, usually prefer to have a nomadic life, living in herds. Both anthros and non-anthros have the same intelligence and both have the ability to speak, but the non-anthros prefer a more primitive lifestyle than the anthros. The non-anthros can use very few magics, but are stronger, physically, than the anthros.

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