Live to Tell 47

Several days later...

Vulpa: I think that we are very close to the next city now. If Omega hasn't destroyed it yet, perhaps we can find some useful things there...
Ru: Great! But, um, Vulpa, would you like me to help you carry some of the equipment? It looks really heavy!!
Vulpa: Ha ha, you're so sweet Ru. Thanks, but it's okay. As you can see, I'm stronger than ever and this is nothing for me, he he! Anyway, you've been doing well with the combat training that I've been giving you these last few days, you learn very fast!
Ru: Tee hee hee, thanks Vulpa!

Suddenly they hear gloomy murmurs and sense a sinister evil presence near them...

Ru: What is that? It smells like Omega!
Vulpa: Oh no! I know what is. We're being tailed by evil creatures called Omega's Stalkers!
Omaga's Stalkers: OMEGA!! SIEG HEIL!!
Vulpa: You must be prepared Ru. These shits are monsters risen from the pollution Omega leaves at the places he has been., These things can almost be worse than Omega. Their only goal is killing any kemonos they come across and in some cases they rape and torture their victims, too! Be ready for a real fight! You understand Ru?
Ru: Yes sister, but, uh, what is rape?
Vulpa: ....Err! Just forget about that for now. I will explain it to you later. For now, just be on guard...
Omega's Stalkers: OMEGA!! SIEG HEIL!!

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