Live to Tell 46

Ru: I have a idea, sister!
Vulpa: Hey, that's not a bad idea! It's at least better than running around in my panties all day. I can see that you stopped crying Ru!
Ru: Well, I feel a bit better, yeah. You said that mommy and daddy told you of a prophecy that said I'm the one fated to defeat Omega? Can you explain this to me? They also said that we have to meet with somebody named Alpha? Do you know who he is?
Vulpa: Mom and dad told me about the prophecy when you were a baby. It said that you were destined to save this world, but in order for you to do it you must become an orphan. That meant that father, mother, and I were to die in battle against Omega, leaving the only survivor as you. Afterwards you were supposed to train and become stronger because you were all alone, to get revenge on Omega. But you've already changed part of the prophecy. You managed to save me! That alone gives me great hope for this world.

Vulpa: About Alpha, I don't know much about him or her. When I was little, dad told me that Alpha is the being opposite to Omega but that he or she is a hermit. He also said that Alpha is the oldest being in this world, and that he or she is the god's servant or something. All I know is that we are to go northwest to find Alpha. We need to get some provisions first though, I think that this journey will be very hard.
Ru: Yes, and other equipment, too. Look, I found some sleeping bags that daddy and mommy used for long travels!
Vulpa: Great, that will be very useful! We are also lucky that we had a large supply of jerky here. It will be very useful since food will be scarce due to Omega's attacks. It should be enough to start our journey, don't you agree, Ru?

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