Live to Tell 45

The next day in the Rufus family's house...

Ru: *hic hic sob*
Vulpa: C'mon Ru, please don't cry. Our parents are both very happy to know that we are doing well, and fortunately our house was far enough from the fire that it is alright, too! I'm sure that we can get everything we need for our journey here. Thinking to herself: Hmmmm, well I wasn't able to return to normal, but at least I managed to put my on my panties, thanks to them being so elastic. I'm not very sure if my other clothes will fit though. Oh well, I'll try anyway. Mmmmh.. grrr.. damn!
Ru: Huh!?....Pfffft, hee hee hee hee, with your body that big, your clothes make you look like a baby. I bet you need a nap, too, tee hee...
Vulpa: Awwww c'mon, that isn't funny Ru!

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