Live to Tell 36

Vulpa: *Cough cough* R-Ru I will l-leave this world s-soon but b-before I do I have to g-give something t-to you.
Ru: NO! *sob sob* Vulpa! I won't let you die, I won't let you die, you must LIVE!!!!
Vulpa: Thinking: UH? w-what is this? Oh! Woooooooo!!!!
Ru: Yes! I-I did it, I managed *sob sob* to s-save you like y-you s-saved me, heh.
Vulpa: This... this is amazing! I was sure that I would die, but now I feel as if I have been reborn!!!! I n-never imagined that y-you had this kind of magic power. Y-you are so amazing, Ru...

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