Live to Tell 197

While all that had been happening, Ru and her friends continued with their journey. Their path had led through an area struck by the winter cold and all it's fury.

The blizzard was growing too powerful for them and they were forced to build a shelter in a nearby cave. There, they spent a comfortable night relaxing and talking about their future, until the blizzard had stopped.

In order to keep warm, they all slept together to share their body heat, which left Wolufu with some difficulty sleeping that night. The next morning, the effects of walking for long hours during the days were beginning to grow obvious. They started to feel famine; they had been out of food for two days and hadn't had a decent meal since then. They also hadn't found a town in days. That meant they were going to have to do something they were never really used to, except Wolufu. They were going to have to hunt for their food to survive...

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