Live to Tell 194

Urara: What? Did you come here to die as well? Thinking: Scheiße! He got so close to me and I didn't even notice him! He is different from the rest of the stalkers, I can feel he has an enormous power.... M-Maybe he is as strong as Omega?!
???? #1: Heheheheh, you are pretty funny Belzewolf, let me introduce myself so at least you'll know who killed you before you leave this world. I'm Adolf, one of Omega's elite warriors known as "Hunters". With your kind about to become extinct, any last words before being destroyed?
Urara: Pft, you and which army?
???? #2: His partners!
Urara: *Gasp*!!!!
???? #2: Hmph! She escaped, she's pretty fast!
Urara: Thinking: Scheiße! He wasn't alone! How many of them are around here?! Was zum teufel?!

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