Live to Tell 193

Omega's Stalker Captain: DU FOTZE!!!!
Urara: ....
OSC: Heh... he he he he, Ja und die Hauptmanns haben sie normalerweise diese art der speziellen waffe fur Abkommen mit Abschaum wie ihnen! [Translation: Yes, and us captains usually have special weapons to deal with scum like you!]
Urara: Dieses ist fur Anruf ich schlampe [Translation: This is for calling me a bitch.]
OSC: Kgh, Du.... D-du....
Urara: Und dieses ist fur Anruf ich fotze! [Translation: And this is for calling me a cunt!]
OSC: Arrgh!!
Urara: Thinking: Well, this was a good exercise. Hmph, guess I will stay around here for a while before I continue searching for Omega, maybe more stalkers will appear and I can have more fun. I could also visit that village and see if they have any good food.

But suddenly....

????: You are a powerful foe without doubt, seems you are the kind of kemono I'm looking for. But I wonder, why do you have demonic energy like me? You are a very curious case.
Urara: Was zum teufel?! [Translation : What the hell?!]

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