Live to Tell 171

Urara: Don't be angry, I didn't mean it. Sometimes I like to joke around, it's something I can't avoid since it comes with the demonic blood I have in me. Here, I'll give you a new outfit. "Kleidung Jetzt"!
Vulpa: Well that wasn't funny.... Hmm! This doesn't look too bad! It's a bit tight but looks nice.
Wolufu: Wow Vulpa! You look great in those clothes!
Ru: It's so elegant! I guess you're like us after all Urara, see? You can be a nice person too! Why don't you join us against Omega? I think that the more we are, the more chances we have to defeat him!
Urara: Hmph, like I would need the help of a group of weaklings like you, no thanks...
Ru: Well... nevermind, you are still very rude and mean!
Vulpa: Well "Princess", don't forget this group of weaklings just kicked your spoiled royal ass a few hours ago.
Urara: That is true. But it's also true you helped me in some way. Thanks to you I learned that I need to control myself, and that I'm still not powerful enough to defeat Omega by myself. Also, you gave me another goal besides defeating Omega... and that goal is to defeat you, Ru! Just you and me in a fair battle! I won't be prepared to defeat Omega unless I've surpassed your powers! Only then we will know who the true chosen child is. I'll train harder until the day we meet again. Next time, you won't be so lucky...
Ru: So be it! I'll be waiting for that day, and when that day comes, I'll be ready to defeat you again Urara!

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