Live to Tell 170

Our heroes decide to take a break so they can eat something and rest before continuing their long journey. Urara kept using more of her abilities, but Ru and Wolufu didn't pay attention at all to her tricks, although Vulpa was getting annoyed by the little spoiled brat showing off her skills. Then, Vulpa decides to approach Urara ....

Vulpa: Sooo, You said you owed us a favor, right?
Urara: Hmm? What do you want?
Vulpa: *Blushing* Well... Since you have this weird power to make objects appear out of nowhere, I though that maybe you could give me new set of clothes. I lost the few ones I had fighting you, and I kinda forgot to buy new ones in the city so....
Urara: Oh! iz that it? that's very easy... take thiz! "Kleidung Jetzt"!!
Vulpa: Great!! I guess you aren't as bad as I thought after all, b-but... Hey!!!! ... Oh you must think this is really funny, I don't know what kind of person you think I am, but this isn't funny at ALL!
Urara: Heheheh, all the contrary, I'm sure those clothes fit you perfectly!

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