Live to Tell 146

Vulpa: Cough cough cough cough!!!! ungh!!!! Thinking: T-this little asshole mustnít realize how m-much power she has! If I d-donít do something and she keeps attacking me like this, then she m-might kill m-me! ugh!! I donít have any o-other choice, I was holding this new magic for when we face Omega again, b-but I guess Iíll have t-to use this a-against her, I j-just hope this will work...
Urara: I see your still standing even after all this abuse! Prepare yourself for this! Ha ha ha ha!!!!
Vulpa: Ungh!! Thinking: Fuck!!!! Sheís moving too fast! I wonít have enough time to charge the magic!
Urara: Huh?
Ru: Grrrr
Urara: Ugh!!

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