Live to Tell 135

Urara: H-How dare you to attack me like that?!
Vulpa: No! How you dare to treat my sister in such way! Did you think for even one second that although she has a great hidden power, she´s still a little girl!? She´s an innocent child! She hasn’t been trained to fight like you! And you even had the nerve to taunt and demean her! She’s one of the most pure beings left in this world and for that, I can NOT forgive you!
Urara: What do you mean? Will you fight with me or not? Your friend will remain under that spell unless you do!
Vulpa: No! We don’t have time for your stupid games! I demand that you apologize to my sister and release our friend NOW!!!! If you don’t I’ll make sure you receive the punishment of your life you spoiled little fucker!
Urara: What!? What did you call me? You INSOLENT!!!! I´m a princess and I won´t bear such an insult!
Vulpa: Oh! Are you a princess? Well your highness, here´s my curtsey.
Urara: GRRRRRRRR... It would be best if you didn´t do that. You don´t know who your dealing with! I’m gonna make you regret it!

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