Live to Tell 124

Ru: Vulpa, please let me solve this, Wolufu saved me before and I'm in debt with him. This time it's my turn to save him, please take care of Wolufu.
Vulpa: W-well that's ok Ru, but be careful, she has marks like you and we aren't sure how strong or what other magics she might have....
Ru: Yes, I will. Thank you sister
Urara: Well, at last you decided to fight with me! So you will be first? Thinking: Groß! D madchen mit meist energie wereden kampfen, jetzt ich konnen uberprufen wenn sie sein d madchen von d prophezeiung. [Translation: Great! The girl with most power will fight, now I can check if she's the girl from the prophecy.]
Ru: Why you do these bad things? We offered our friendship to you, and you did this horrible thing to my friend, just to force us to fight with you? You should be ashamed for that!
Urara: You can say all that you want, but if you don't begin to battle, your friend will continue with his long dream. Come on, don't be a wimp.
Ru: I guess I have no other choice, I will make you release Wolufu!

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