Live to Tell 123

Ru: Wolufu!
Vulpa: Shit! Is he okay Ru?
Ru: He's fine, just asleep but I can't awake him!
Vulpa: Why you.... what the hell you have done to him?!
Urara: Oh nothing much really, I just put a spell on him and he will be having sweet dreams for, oh, about 900 years.
Ru: Wolufu! Oh no!
Vulpa: Release him from that NOW!!!!
Urara: *Tch tch* Nein, the only way he can be released is if I'm weakened or if I want to release him. If you fight with me I will be pleased to release your friend from that spell, not too complicated, is that? You give me some experience, help me in my training, and I'll release your friend....
Vulpa: Grrrr, damn it! You're certainly rude, aren't you? You need some manners lessons! I will make you release him!

Yes, I know I forgot to put the marks in the cheeks in some frames. I was in a hurry to send the picture and then I forgot to add that. >XP Anyway I hope everyone have enjoyed the comic so far, see you. ^_^

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