Live to Tell 121

Ru: Hi! I'm pleased to meet you! You are so tiny and cute too tee hee! I'm Ru what's your name?
Shady Character: .... Thinking: Huh?! Was ist los hier? Sie solten mit mir jetzt kampfen bereitwillin sollen! Aber ich nicht erwartet diesem! [Translation: What's going on here? They should be willing to fight with me now, but I didn't expect this!] Ahem, w... well since you were so polite with me I guess it's only fair if I introduce myself to you. My name is Urara, I'm a powerful warrior who always wants to meet other strong people like you to fight and earn experience, because I'm the kemono who will defeat Omega and then rule this world!
Vulpa: ....
Wolufu: ....
Ru: .... Thinking: She says very strange things!
Vulpa: Heh, take it easy little girl, you don't need to exaggerate, we can see that you have marks on your cheeks, so you must have many special powers. I'm sure you lost you parents because of Omega too. We're orphans like you and we're on a journey to defeat Omega as well. If you want to join us you're welcome; we can help you to develop you skills and be your new family if you want too. What you think?
Urara: Err, w... well I... Thinking: Ich schatze, daß sie mich nicht genommen ernst... [Translation: I guess they not taking me seriously...]
Ru: Tee hee you're very funny Urara! I think it will be great to have you as a partner and friend!
Wolufu: Yeah! the more of us there are, the better it will be, heh!
Urara: ....
Vulpa: Well kids we'll have more time to chat later, we must keep going...

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