Live to Tell 118

Vulpa: My devotion to Spinel is still too strong, although he isn't alive, and I would feel wrong if I have a relationship now with you or another person. Mainly because I'm very afraid... remember Josh, me, my sister and Wolufu are on a mission to defeat Omega. I suffered very much when I lost Spinel, and if something happened to you as well from having some relationship with me, I would never forgive myself. I don't want to suffer again, can you understand?
Josh: Oh I understand now! Yes, Spinel was my best friend and a great guy. You have a big heart Vulpa; I understand why Spinel fell in love with you. Aw well, anyway we can be good friends... don't you think so? He he heh...
Vulpa: Josh!
Josh: *sigh* Huh?! V-Vulpa!?
Vulpa: Josh do you really like me?
Josh: Y-yes Vulpa! You are the most wonderful girl I ever met! You and your sister gave me a new reason to keep going, how could I not like you... I... I love you.
Vulpa: Then we can do this. When all these battles end and if I survive in the fight against Omega, I will come back here with you. Until then please wait for me...

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