Live to Tell 115

At the same time Vulpa decided to give Josh special training so she could leave him as the new leader of the younger kemonos like Spinel was, since Josh had been such a close friend of his...

Vulpa: I saw how you beat that polluted kemono last time, you must know some combat techniques already don't you?
Josh: W-well yes, Spinel taught me some moves, heh.
Vulpa: That's ok, let me test what you can do, show me some of your hits, great warrior!
Josh: Ok this isn't the greatest thing but here I come...! Hoooo...!!!! Well, what do you think?
Vulpa: Hmm that was a very good kick! I can see that Spinel taught you very well. Now to do a complete training regimen today, you should do 999 more kicks like that. With this and other exercises you might reach the same level than Spinel in a while.
Vulpa: Oh, please don't make that face, I never told you this would be easy...!

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