Live to Tell 112

Rough Cat Girl: *Sob sob* Fuck!!!!
Ginger Cat Girl: *Hic hic sob sob*
Old Beggar Kemono: *Sob* Oh! That's very unfortunate! Spinel was a great boy and great fighter; he always defended us from the gangs and other dangers in this polluted city!
Josh: *Sob* I can't believe this; Spinel was like a big brother to me and the other guys here! He always took care of us and gave us courage to keep going! Now we're lost without him, now nothing matters...
Ru: No! Josh! How you can say such things! Do you think that Spinel would be happy if he heard you talking in that way? Vulpa told me how he was and I'm sure that he always protected you because he wanted you to become stronger and to have a future! It's hard now that he isn't here anymore, but it's now when we must be stronger to overcome this and prove that all his effort wasn't in vain!
Vulpa: Oh! Ru!
Old Beggar Kemono: Thinking: Dear! What kind of being is this girl? She's really mature, though she looks so innocent! Maybe this world can be saved thanks to people like her!
Ginger Cat Girl: Thinking: Oh! S-she's right!
Josh: Thinking: H-how could I have been so weak! She's speaks the truth! I was about to lose hope but she has inspired me! Damn, there's something about this girl that makes her amazing!

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