Live to Tell 110

Dog Boy: Damn! I can't wait anymore! Sally and Josh haven't come back yet! We need to go search for them!
Rough Cat Girl: Yes, I understand your worry. They know how to take care of themselves, but I think it would be better if we search for them after the children go to sleep...
Ginger Cat Girl: And then... Oh! somebody's here! It's Sally and Josh! They've found some new friends, too!
Sally: Hi everyone! We're here at last! Sorry if we made you worry too much for being late!
Ginger Cat Girl: Oh dear! We were very worried abort you! I'm glad you're okay, though.
Rough Cat Girl: Thinking: Heh, I was sure they could take care of themselves. It would have been very regrettable if something bad had happened to a good girl like Sally and such cutie like Josh he he he he! It seems he met some new friends though. I wonder who is that busty wolf girl with him is...
Kemono Children: Yay! It's Sally and Josh! They came back!

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