Live to Tell 106

Completely Polluted Kemono 2: ....
Shady Character: Thinking: Die waren echt beschissen! Na gut, behalte ich eben die Wölfe im Auge und schau mir al was sie als nächstes tun!.... [Thinking: You were nothing but stupid shits! I'd better keep a good eye on those wolves and see what they do next!]
Mysterious Character: Thinking: What was that? I'm sure I detected a huge energy signal from the place where I just came from! I wonder what it could have been?
Punk Kemono: Hey dude! Give us some bucks for beer, ok?
Punk Kemono 2: Yeah, it'll be better if you work with us, or something bad could happen to you! He he he he!
Mysterious Character: ....

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