Live to Tell 105

Completely Polluted Kemono 1: Thinking: Fuck! He's very fast! He he! Not bad, but you've just delayed your painful death! The next time you won't escape again, fuckin' microbe!
Shady Character: He he he he. Das ist nicht möglich, weil ihr bereits tot seid. [Translated: He he he he, that is not possible, because you're already dead.]
CPK1: What? We're dead already?! Don't fuck with us, yo.... Ghhhjjhh, W-what t-the fuck!
CPK2: Gweeeerrrrgh....*
Shady Character: Alle Kemonos, die ihre Seelen an Omega verkaufen, verdienen den Tod! [Translated: All kemonos who sell their souls to Omega deserve only death!]
CPK1: Uuuuoooorrrgh! Thinking: W-when did that tiny attack us...!? I didn't even feel it b-before...! You... fucki... urrrrgh....

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