Live to Tell 104

Completely Polluted Kemono 1: Yeah! We are those who sold our souls to Omega! So what about it? We are now more that any other kemono could be!
Shady Character: Ich kann nicht glauben, dass solche Wesen wie ihr sich als Kemonos bezeichnen können! Ihr seid nichts weiter als Abschaum. [Translated: I can't believe such creatures can call themselves kemonos! They're only scum!]
CPK1: What?! Did you call us scum?! Who do you think you are, you fuckin' tiny? We'll smash you!
Shady Character: Das bezweifle ich. Aber wenn ihr sterben wollt, warum versucht ihr nicht mich anzugreifen? [Translated: I doubt it, but if you want to die, why not try to attack me?]
CPK2: He he, you are very funny! We'll make sure you have a really painful death! Roarr!
CPK1: Be prepared to be shredded, you fuckin' tiny! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

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