Leash Training Story

It’s mid morning and Tobias is sleeping soundly. Often, extra measures are needed to get him awake. Today, he awakes suddenly to a small collar being snapped around his neck. Attached to the collar is a slightly wide leash, and attached to the leash, is Kit, holding the leash in her left hand, and standing there without any clothes on with a devilish look in her eyes. “What the?” Tobias says.

“Oh, good morning, fuzzy, so nice of you to join the world of the living today.” Kit laughed.

“Uh oh…” Tobias could tell that this morning would be quite an interesting one. “So what am I in for today?”

“Oh, nothing much, “ Kit grinned, “just a bit of a custom we have up here. You see, the one who wears the leash must do whatever the one holding the leash wants.”

“I’m not sure exactly what you mean, sugar-fur.”

“Then allow me to demonstrate.” Kit coos and throws off the covers, then removes Tobias’s brown boxers in one movement. She then quickly but smoothly slides herself over his member. Tobias, already aroused by his mate’s morning appearance, winces slightly as she forces herself down upon him. His ears flatten backwards against his head slightly and his tail, currently stretched out between his legs, tenses up.

With her mate’s manhood fully inside her, Kit bends over and gives his shoulders a bit of a scratching and nuzzles up against his neck, causing Tobias’s muscle to tighten even more. Grinning playfully, Kit continues to raise and lower her body, vaginal muscles constricting as she does.

As Kit sees Tobias nearing his apex, she pins down his arms, straightens her back a bit, tightens the slack on the leash, and maintains her movement. Pleasure on his face, Tobias’s member twitches as he ejaculates inside her. Then, murring in pleasure, Tobias leans his head back and starts to relax some.

“Uh uh, sweetie. We aren’t done yet. Or did you forget about this?” Kit gives a quick jerk on the leash she has still grasped in her left hand. “How about next you stick that soft tongue into me.” She then grabs Tobias’s hand and pulls him to an upright position. On her knees, she spreads her legs and leans back, shifting her tail to a more comfortable position in front of her, and pushes his head down into her lap.

Tobias glances up into Kit’s eyes and smiles. His muzzle is very close to her moist lips. He begins to lightly lick her clitoris, which sends a wave of pleasure through her still-aroused body. Next he starts to lick the edges of her lips causing Kit to begin moaning with delight. She then places her hands on the back of his head and scoots it a bit closer. Her tail starts twitching, tickling at Tobias’s chest. Tobias submerges his tongue inside her multiple times licking at her juices. His cold nose touching her clitoris causes her gasps to quicken and her muscles to tighten. Then, after her orgasm, she looks down at her love. “Good boy,” she says. Tobias then adjusts himself on the bed, since Kit now has let go of the leash.

The two sit there next to each other with arms around the other’s waist for a while, sitting at the end of the bed, just thinking about how lucky they are to have the other.

“So, do you understand it now?” Kit asks after a bit.

“I think so.” Without another word, Tobias quickly unsnaps the collar and slips it around Kit’s neck, and then grabs the end of the leash and wraps it around his hand a few times.

“That’s one of the things I like about you, fuzzy, you’re a quick learner.”

“Indeed. I believe it is my turn?” Tobias chuckles and then pounces Kit and sits above her as she lies on the bed. He then begins to caress her fluffy white breasts. Bending over, he starts to suckle her right nipple while still caressing the left breast and holding the leash in his right hand. Soon after, their arousal starts to build again. “Sugar-fur, please give me a blowjob,” Tobias says with a soft but commanding voice.

He rolls off Kit and returns to sitting at the edge of the bed. Kit then kneels down on the floor in front of him and begins to lightly lick his member. She then puts it in her mouth and begins licking and sucking at it, sending waves of tingling through Tobias’s body.

“Mmm, that’s enough of that for now,” Tobias said as he felt his own orgasm nearing. “I want to do one more thing.” He stands up and grabs Kit’s hand. Positioning her over the bed, he stands behind her and inserts his penis into her vagina. He shifts her tail to the side, tightens the slack on the leash, and places both hands on her hips. As he slowly thrusts into her, he massages her sides and her back. He reaches under and scratches her lower belly, causing her to gasp in pleasure. He then moves his hands further down and spreads her vagina out so he can thrust deeper, causing her breasts to jiggle slightly. Kit begins moaning in ecstasy and Tobias can feel her muscles clenching down on his member. Nearing his climax as well, Tobias starts letting out his own moans. Then, it is over, and both are satiated. They lie back down on the bed, once again glad to have each other.

“Hey sugar-fur?”


“There’s just one more thing I want you to do.”

“And what’s that, fuzzy?”

“Fix me breakfast.”

“Yes, master!” Kit says, and then bows, cleans herself up a bit, and heads off to the kitchen, still wearing the leash.

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