Fly Me to the Moon 7

Ginger: Telepathically: Good, I'm waiting for you, come here when you feel ready.
Cody: Ok! I'll try my best!

Cody approached slowly, taking the alien girl with his hands and started to "warm up" using some gentle licks at her neck and rubbing one of her breasts, but suddenly...

Ginger: *pant* *pant* Telepathically: W-wait, I n-need a moment, please.
Cody: W-why? Is something wrong?
Ginger: *Whew* Telepathically: N-not really, I just had many biological reactions with all these soft touches, I guess I just had that thing the earthlings call an "orgasm". In your language, let's say I just came 4 times.
Cody: What!? Already!?
Ginger: Telepathically: Those things you have been doing to me is what the earthlings call "foreplay", right?
Cody: Yes! You're right, it's something we usually do before the real action, to make sex more interesting and fun. It seems you aren't very used to this, why are you so aroused? Don't you have any sexual activity or something like that where you live?
Ginger: *Sigh* Telepathically: Unfortunately no, we don't have any sexual contact, nor what you earthlings call "masturbation". Our reproductive methods are artificial, so there is no need for sexual activity. Our race has no expressions of love or care.
Cody: Really? Wow, that must be hard...

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